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Planned Outage: Monday November 19th, 2018 there is a planned power outage for Gill St. Learn More

Important Message! Canada Post – Rotating Strikes Starting Monday. Learn More

Ontario’s System-Wide Electricity Supply Mix.  2017 Data

Orillia Power has posted its 2017 Scorecard. See how we performed

Electricity prices remain virtually unchanged May 1 The Ontario Energy Board (OEB) announced that there will be little change to electricity prices. Learn more

For the latest Tariff of Rates and Charges for Orillia Power customers effective May 1, 2018, see Current Rates

Effective April 1, 2018, the Debt Retirement Charge will no longer be applied to electricity bills. Learn More

April is Dig Safe Month.  Make just one call before you dig. Learn More

Join the over 500 Ontarians who are now having their say on electricity issues. Go to and join this important conversation.

Time-of-use price periods for electricity users changing November 1 – The Ontario Energy Board (OEB) is reminding households and small businesses that as of November 1, 2017, the time-of-use (TOU) price periods are changing, as is the threshold for residential customers that are paying tiered prices. TOU prices will not be changing. Learn more

May 1, 2017  Time-of-Use Rates. Learn More

New video sheds light on the electricity bill and celebrates utility workers. Click to view video

Ontario is lowering electricity bills by 25 percent on average for all residential customers. Learn more

Hydro One Inc. has applied for approval to purchase Orillia Power Distribution Corporation. Learn more. Have your say.

Community Investment with Hydro One. Learn More

City of Orillia Will be Home to Hydro One Advanced Technology Hub. Learn More

Local Utilities Warn of Electricity Bill Phone Scams. Learn More

Save with Kilowatt Way – a new interactive tool. Learn More

Ontario Energy Board warns consumers of a possible OESP telephone scam. Learn More

Hydro One Wants to Build Technology Hub in Orillia. Learn More

Off-Peak Mid-Peak On-Peak

Current: Mid-Peak

Summer Weekdays

May 1 to October 31

Time-of-Use - Summer

Off-Peak: 7:00pm - 6:59am
Mid-Peak: 7:00am - 10:59am & 5:00pm - 6:59pm
On-Peak: 11:00am - 4:59pm

Winter Weekdays

November 1 to April 30

Time-of-Use - Winter

Off-Peak: 7:00pm - 6:59am
Mid-Peak: 11:00am - 4:59pm
On-Peak: 7:00am - 10:59am & 5:00pm - 6:59pm

Weekends & Holidays

Holiday Schedule

Time-of-Use - Weekends & Holidays

Off-Peak: All Day

My Account will provide you with timely feedback on your Time-of-Use (TOU) electricity consumption patterns. Smart meters and TOU rates can help you manage your electricity costs if you choose to shift some of your electrical use to lower cost periods. For example, by running your dishwasher or other appliances during a low-demand time, such as weeknights or weekends, you can reduce your electricity costs because you'll pay the 'off-peak' rate.

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